Rules & Regulations


Participants must be able to complete the race, from start Line to Finish Line, within the cut off time for the respective distances below:

  • Marathon/ (42.195km) – 7 hours after the last start.
  • Half Marathon (21.1km) – 4 hours after the last start.
  • 10KM – 2 hours after the last start.
  • 5KM – 1 hour after the last start.

Note: There will be adjustments of the “cut off” points (checkpoints on course that athletes must pass within a certain time) as needed. Details will be announced closer to race day.

For safety reasons and to avoid congestion at intersections, participants must strictly follow the instructions of the Organizer. Any violation will result in immediate disqualification.

Participants must meet the age requirements corresponding to the registered distances:

  • All participants in the Marathon distance (42.195km) must be 18 years old or above in the year 2023.
  • All participants in the Half Marathon distance (21.1km) must be 16 years old or above in the year 2023.
  • All participants in the 10km distance must be 14 years old or above in the year 2023.
  • All participants in the 5km distance must be 11 years old or above in the year 2023.

All participants under 18 years old in the year 2023 must have confirmation from their guardian or parents. The guardian or parents must sign the registration form before attending the race.

The Organizing Committee, Sunrise Events Vietnam Co., Ltd., reserves the right to reject the participation of athletes who have not completed the confirmation form with the signature of their guardian or parents.

Each participant must sign the disclaimer of liability (Waiver) and commitment form before participating in the race as part of the registration process.

Entry fees and accompanying items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Each participant is assigned a unique BIB number, which cannot be changed or sold to another person.

The buying and selling of tickets/BIBs is strictly prohibited, and the results will be invalidated, and/or individuals involved will be banned from participating in future events.


– Once registration is completed, participants will not be eligible for a registration fee refund in the event of their inability to participate in “the 2nd Edition of the Techcombank Hanoi Marathon” for any reason.

– Participants have the option to change their competition format. To do so, participants must send an email request to our email address, along with the corresponding change fee.


The Kids Run is non-competitive, therefore, no timing device will be issued and no official timing will be recorded or provided.There will be two (2) different start times for the Kids Run divide into the following age groups (released on race day):

Between 5 – 10 years old*: 1.5 Km

Between 7 – 14 years old*: 3 Km

*Age in the Year 2023

– To participate in the KIDS RUN, children must be 5 years old in 2023. Parents or legal guardians are required to complete a liability waiver and commitment form (e-Waiver). The Organizer retains the right to cancel the participation of athletes who fail to meet these requirements.

– For safety purposes, children aged 5-6 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the event. The Organizing Committee will provide a card with registration details. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the program for those who do not meet eligibility criteria. Only one individual (parent) or legal guardian can accompany children within the running area.

– Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the race course for children older than 6 years old.


Please see details at the page for Corporate Challenge.


– All participants must collect their race kit, which includes the BIB number, timing device (attached to the BIB), and other race support items. Detailed information about the collection time, location, and items to be received will be posted on the official event website. If participants is unable to pick up the race kit by themselves, they may authorize someone else to pick it up on their behalf, following the instructions on the event website.

– Participants must provide a personal identification document with a photo and the confirmation email (in electronic format is acceptable, e.g., on a phone or printed) during the pick up to verify their registration and corresponding BIB number.

– Participants are responsible for ensuring that the timing chip is properly attached to the BIB number throughout the race.

– Race kit items will not be provided after the specified time. The Organizer does not allow for late race kit pick up and will not hold responsible for any loss, damage, or misplacement in the event if participants do not pick up their race kit in person or for any other reason. To ensure fairness, the Organizer will not extend the pick up time or guarantee that all participants receive their items. All participants are responsible for picking up the Race kit within the announced timeframe. Any uncollected race kit within the timeframe will be handled at the discretion of the Organizer.


– Participants must follow the instructions provided by the event staff, including course staff, volunteers, medical staff, security, and city officials throughout the event.

– During the event, all participants must conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner. Anyone who violates the rules will be disqualified from the event and asked to leave the race course.

– The information on the participant’s BIB number must be complete and accurate. Participants must affix a BIB number to the front of their attire. Participants without a BIB number will be escorted off the course by security staff or race staff.

– Pets, bicycles, rollerblades, strollers, wheeled shoes, or any other wheeled devices are not permitted on the race course, except for official vehicles or emergency vehicles authorized by the organizer.

– Sunrise Events Vietnam has the right to use photographs, videos, or other recording methods (including capturing images of participants at the event) for promotional purposes. Participants have agreed to acknowledge this term during the registration process.

– Sunrise Events Vietnam reserves the right to restrict or refuse participation by any individual in this event.

– Sunrise Events Vietnam has the right to cancel the event at any time without prior notice to participants. In case of cancellation, the organizer will make every effort to notify registered participants before the event date. If the race is canceled, the organizer will not refund the registration fee and will not be responsible for further explanations.

– Sunrise Events Vietnam has the right to cancel any race category without prior notice to participants.


– All participants will be required to start at different pens based on their estimated completion time. The pen information for each participant will be attached to their BIB.

– All participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the race start time and their assigned pen. All participants must be present on time to receive instructions and participate in the race.

– All participants will determine their designated running point before the point is closed and the race begins. Any participant attempting to enter a running point that is not assigned to them will be asked to start after all other runners have crossed the starting line.

– All participants must enter their designated pen at the designated entrance. Anyone climbing over fences or accessing the area improperly will be disqualified from the event.

– All participants must stand behind the start line before the race begins.


– Any participant who fails to comply with the instructions of event staff, city officials, or race referee, or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct, uses actions or words that offend event staff, volunteers, participants, or spectators, may be disqualified from the event and future events based on the decision of the organizer.

– After leaving the race course, participants are not allowed to re-enter the course with the intention of reaching a specific location or supporting other runners.

– Any participant found by race referee, event staff, or monitoring devices to have cheated by intentionally shortening the race course (“cutting the course”) will be disqualified from the event.

– Participants receiving any form of support from anyone will be disqualified. “Support” includes providing information or direct or indirect help to participants in any way, including through communication devices. This includes hired or unofficial pacers, besides pacers provided by the organizers.

– Anyone participating in the event without an official event BIB number, timing chip or using someone else’sBIB or timing chip will have their results invalidated and be disqualified from future events.

– No one is allowed to participate on the race course unless they have an official BIB number or are authorized event staff. Therefore, no one is allowed to accompany a participant unless they are registered for the event. Without permission from event staff, runners are also not allowed to receive support or supplements from anyone in the event, excluding staff/volunteers at the Hydration and Medical Tent.

– Receiving medical support during the event from medical staff will not be considered as support, and the results will remain valid if the participant is able to continue the race from a medical standpoint.


– The use of wheeled conveyances by participants or other authorized individuals will be severely restricted: (a) Disabled athletes with the permission of the organizing committee, (b) Race officials on bicycles. Baby strollers, skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, or any wheeled conveyance are not permitted on the race course.

– Participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the instructions and signage related to maps, locations, and directional guidance.

– Event medical personnel have the authority to examine any participant displaying signs of distress. If, in the medical personnel’s professional judgment, it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and well-being, the medical personnel have the right to remove the participant from the event.

– Participants must cease competition if requested by event officials, medical personnel, or governmental authorities, including fire and police personnel.

– Participants are responsible for all medical fees and obligations incurred as a result of training and/or participating in the event, including ambulance transportation, hospitalization, medication, and services.

– The event organizer has the right to postpone, cancel, or reschedule the race based on urgent weather conditions.


– All participants will be provided with the timing chip which will be attached to their BIBs.

– Clock time (gun time) is reserved for elite athletes.

– Split times for athletes at the starting pen A, B, C, D, E will be recorded using electronic timing devices as athletes cross the start line and stop when they cross the finish line.

– All participants must wear the provided timing chip from the start line to the finish line to ensure accurate results, and the timing chip must be securely attached to their BIB number.

– All participants may not be recognized as a finisher if their finishing time exceeds the specified time limit.


– All participants found to be wearing more than one timing device during the race will be disqualified, and their result will not be recognized.

– All participants who miss a timing point or have abnormal timing record at any of the timing points will be reassessed and may be disqualified.

– All finish times will be reviewed before official results are determined.

– All participants may request a review of their temporary results before the Organizer announces the official results.

– All participants must start within the official start time announced by the Organizer to have their finish time officially recognized.


– According to the International Marathon Association and the City Athletics Federation, athletes must comply with the anti-doping regulations. Any violation of the anti-doping regulations during the race will result in the disqualification, including the points, cash prizes, or physical prizes.

– All results and awards will be reviewed and officially announced before cash prizes are awarded. Sunrise Events Vietnam – the organizer, reserves the right to change the winner if the athlete does not meet the winning criteria for any reason.

– All participants may receive their prizes after submitting all required prize information and completing the prize claiming form along with a copy of their passport or identification card. In case the submission process is incomplete, the organizer reserves the right to reject incomplete forms, and the athlete will have to reapply to claim the prize.

– All awards that haven’t been claimed within one month from the date of submitting the prize claiming form will be forfeited, and Sunrise Events Vietnam has full discretion to handle them.

– Prizes must be received according to the regulations set by the organizer. All participants receive prizes according to the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions of the Organizer.

– “Gun Time” will be considered to determine the winner in the race categories.

– Personal prizes for the Marathon category – 42.195km.

– There will be no prizes awarded in the KIDS RUN as it is not a competitive category.

– Any disputes among winners must be filed on-site by sending an email to with a fee of 500,000 VND, before 3 PM on the event day.

– Any disputes regarding race results must be submitted as a written complaint with a fee of 500,000 VND within 7 days from the race day, excluding electronic mail submissions. The organizer reserves the right to reject any complaints submitted after 7 days from the race day. Please send your complaint to the following address:


– The size of the singlet for participants cannot be changed. Participants should check based on the size chart provided in the registration form before selecting their size.

– All participants who complete their chosen race distance will be awarded a finisher medal after providing their BIB number information to the race staff at the Finisher Tent (located near the finish line).

– Marathon participants can only receive the finisher t-shirt immediately after completing the race. The size of the finisher t-shirt will be distributed in finishing order. In case there are no t-shirts available in the desired size, the closest size to the desired size will be given to the participant. The t-shirt size indicated during registration does not reflect the quantity and size of t-shirts provided to participants at the finish line on the race day.

– The finisher medal and t-shirt will be awarded at the event. Any issues arising thereafter will not be resolved.

– All participants are strictly prohibited from exploiting the event to disseminate or include controversial images, distort and/or infringe upon the law, violate cultural norms, religious beliefs, and political matters.


Sunrise Events Vietnam will not hold responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings stored in the Bag Drop Off area. The organizer reserves the right to inspect bags and personal belongings stored in the designated Bag Drop Off area for security reasons.


Any individual requesting a waiver of any of these rules must submit a written request no less than 30 days prior to the event date specifying the nature of and reasons for the request.


The event organizer has the right to adjust, supplement, or revoke all or part of the event regulations.

Participants will be bound by any changes or additions to the regulations prior to the event date.

Failure to comply with the event regulations, including any modified regulations, may result in the cancellation of temporary results, revocation of awards, and official results.

(*) Rules and Regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Organizer.